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Class 6S

Welcome to Jellyfish Class

Miss John (Teacher) Mrs Coleman (TA)


We have lots of things to be excited about this year in the Jellyfish Class. Our first topic is World War II. We will be learning all about World War II, what life was like for a child during the war as well as using our cookery skills to make a World War II inspired meal! That's just a few of the fantastic things we will be doing this term. Our second topic will be Our Changing World, where we will be looking at the history of Stratford-Upon-Avon and how it's changed over time and comparing this on a larger scale. This topic will involve some local trips to some of the brilliant places our town has on offer.

In the summer term, we will be studying Parliament which includes an amazing trip to the Houses of Parliament!


Not to forget about our trip to the Isle of Wight and lots of other special Year 6 events and opportunities we will have. The list really does go on and on!


If you’d like to meet to discuss any concerns or queries, please make an appointment to see me via the school office or telephone. Alternatively, please feel free to come and see me at the end of the school day to arrange a mutually convenient time and date.

Jellyfish in Action!